We are experts in the design and customization of electric motors,
all Made in Italy.
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These are very high efficiency motors and, like all our synchronous motors, combine accurate electromagnetic design with the most advanced materials.


We manufacture electric generators used for the production of wind and hydro power, with powers of up to 200kW. On request we also provide specific solutions, such as hollow shaft motors.


Within the synchronous motor range, these stand out for their higher torque while maintaining the same size. They are produced with a high number of poles to allow easy control at low speeds.


Our response to the numerous requests for high-speed applications is the High Speed series, an advanced version of the standard series of asynchronous motors.


A passion passed down from father to son.

Our history

There are many ways to tell your story, to explain your background, where you are headed and why you want to keep moving forward.
We chose to shoot this video to tell a story which is plausible and is actually a bit like our own history...
It's the story of a child who has always seen an enchanted world full of sound and colour in the dusty factory environment.


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We design while looking ahead to the future

We are a team of young and experienced people. We work with advanced mechanical and electromagnetic design software, we develop innovative solutions and we are continuously evolving. We guarantee a top quality product, in both standard manufacturing and customizations. Since 1995 all production processes, from the concept to the final product, have complied with the ISO9000 quality system procedures. This is now known as ISO9001:2008.


Our customers can count on us at any time.

Great Achievements

Complex challenges stimulate our designers' creativity. What is impossible for others becomes feasible for us. A pool that can simulate waves, currents and tides simultaneously. Its circular shape allows waves to come from all directions, just like in a stormy sea. The technical department has been put to the test, especially in the study of specific protections and seals. The challenge has been overcome: our completely submerged special electric motors move the waters.

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